Sendero Túnel de la Cumbre

The beginning of this trail is situated at km 13 of the GM-1, 300 metres from the mouth side of the tunnel on the side of Hermigua at La Carbonera. It is a path recovered and with railings made with tubes and ropes.

This road runs entirely downstream and has a particularly attractive landscape. From here the Hermigua valley descries like the widening of the “Barranco de la Calle”, resulting in an agricultural landscape that has concentrated historically on monoculture to export.

On this path, and once inside the glen of the ravine, the rich vegetation, due to the humidity of the area is provided. Heather, beech, moral, and other species, are with us for the first part of the journey. Upon reaching an area of reeds, we raffle a creek via a small bridge to begin a steep descent.

Mulagua Dam appears before us and invites us to recreate at its attractiveness. In the vicinity of the dam we will take to the right, on a road near an electrical tower, to go to another glen, where we can see Lo Machado, a group of houses near cultivated areas, decorated by splendid palm trees.

Following the road, we find another small bridge across a stream of clear water from the highlands, from “Los Ancones”. After a short distance, the road leads to a house surrounded by a plantation of vines, and, beside it, a small downward path takes us to the TF-711 road, andwe find the end of the trail.